8.04 lcc exterior.JPG

The exterior of the Clubhouse which features additional seating on the patio area. (Ben Camp/Southernminn.com)

Nestled alongside the Le Sueur Creek just south of Le Sueur proper, a local gem known for its elite golf experience has recently completed clubhouse renovations with the goal to make the experience off the course just as impressive as what club members have come to expect on the links.

8.04 lcc camrbia room.JPG

The Cambria Room inside the clubhouse, a pristine gathering area for many types of events from wedding parties to business gatherings. (Ben Camp photos/Southernminn.com)

8.04 lcc bar.JPG

The bar counter area in the clubhouse which features a topper and base from Cambria mixed with wooden elements that were preserved from the original clubhouse to maintain the sense of history and culture.

8.04 lcc dining.JPG

The large dining area featuring clear sight lines onto the course itself with large windows. (Ben Camp/Southernminn.com)

8.04 lcc locker room.JPG

The lounge area of the women’s locker room, one of the first areas in the clubhouse affected by the now-completed remodel. (Ben Camp/Southernminn.com)

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