Midstate Banquet 2019

Pictured: Front: Sara Schwartz, Emma Johnson, Kendra Johnson, Cheryl Edmondson, Ruth Schwartz. Back row: Caleb Johnson, Jake Johnson, Madelyn Hohenstein, Grant Hohenstein, and Trace Edmondson. (Submitted Photo)

This past Nov. 16, the Midstate Awards Banquet was held at the VFW in Belle Plaine. Awards were given out to Midstate members who participated in Midstate horse shows throughout the summer. Le Sueur Saddle Club members who won awards that night are:

Sara Schwartz: 1st – Bareback Horsemanship; 1st – Sr. Western Pleasure; 1st – Sr. Western Horsemanship; 2nd — Open Halter, 3 years & older; and 2nd – Sr. Showmanship with her horse Unbreak My Heart. She also won 2nd – English Pleasure, 18 years & over; and 2nd – English Equitation, 18 years & over with her horse Max Dee Million. And she won 2nd – Open Halter, 2 years & under with her other horse Just Like Fire.

Ruth Schwartz: 3rd – Sr+ Showmanship; 4th – Open Halter, 3 years & older with her horse Max Dee Million.

Amy Braun: 3rd – Sr. Showmanship; 4th – Sr. Western Pleasure; 4th – Sr. Western Horsemanship; 5th – Open Halter, 3 tears & older; 5th – English Equitation, 18 years & over; and 6th – English Pleasure, 18 years & over with her horse A Big Time Fella (Diesel).

Madelyn Hohenstein: 1st – Rescue Race with Gage Somers; 2nd Jr. Egg & Spoon, 17 years and under; 5th – Int. Key Race; and 6th – Int. Pole Weaving with her horse Liberty. She also won 2nd – Rescue Race with Emma Johnson riding Chief.

Grant Hohenstein: 4th – Int. Key Race on his horse Dreamer.

Emma Johnson: 1st – Inter. Pole Weaving; 1st – Inter. Key Race; 2nd – Int. Barrels; 2nd – Inter. Jumping Figure 8; and 2nd – Resucue Race with Madelyn Hohenstein with Emma’s horse Chief.

Kendra Johnson: 1st – Jr. Pole Weaving; 1st Jr. Barrels; 1st – Jr. Jumping Figure 8; 4th – Jr. Key Race; and 4th – Rescue Race with Ally Somers with her horse Star.

Caleb Johnson: 3rd – Jr. Jumping Figure 8; and 4th – Jr. Pole Weaving on his horse Star. He also placed 4th – Pony Barrels, 54” & under, 13 & under on his pony Brewster.

Jake Johnson: 3rd – Sr.+ Jumping Figure 8 on his horse Silver.

Ally Somers: 4th – Rescue Race with Kendra Johnson riding Star; and 6th – Rescue Race with Aurora Brooks riding Butter.

Gage Somers: 1st – Rescue Race with Madelyn Hohenstein riding Liberty.

Trace Edmondson: 2nd – Inter. Pole Weaving; 2nd – One Barrel Pennant; 3rd – Int. Key Race; and 5th – Inter. Jumping Figure 8 with his horse Moon Lark.

Cheryl Edmondson: 3rd – Sr. Egg & Spoon, 18 years & over; and 3rd Sr.+ Pole Weaving with her horse Zip.

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