Todd Vrklan

Todd Vrklan

Todd Vrklan, building and grounds director at Le Sueur-Henderson Public Schools, completed the MASMS Facility Manager Certification Program offered by the Minnesota Educational Facilities Management Professionals Association (MASMS).

The MASMS Certification Program was developed to provide a knowledge base for Building and Ground/Facility Leaders to provide safe and healthful educational facilities in the state of Minnesota.

To obtain certification an appliciant must complete 52 hours of MASMS Certification Curriculum. The required curriculum is divided into five modules: Boot Camp, CPS Certification, Health and Safety, Finance and electives. The program provides knowledge, inspiration & achievement.

The Minnesota Educational Facilities Management Professionals, also known as MASMS, is a professional organization committed to promoting excellence in the operation and care of educational facilities. It is a group of over 700 individuals in the areas of facilities/grounds/health and safety/operations for Minnesota K-12 and higher education organizations. It is a member-oriented, problem solving, professional group committed to facilities management.

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