Jean Abbott

Jean Abbott

Special guest speaker and author Jean Sharon Abbott will come to share her story of misdiagnosis, courage, forgiveness, and hope at the 9 a.m. worship service on Sunday, Jan. 19 at Zion Church in Le Sueur.

Jean Abbott has shared her story on the national stage, including the Today Show. She has endured the “trial of Job” and now lives a life of thankfulness, forgiveness, and inspirational gratefulness.

Misdiagnosed at a young age, she gradually lost her limited mobility, eventually relying on a wheel chair. She endured countless medical visits, procedures, prescriptions, and surgeries. The physical pains were compounded by the bullying, feelings of missing out on life, and worries of who would care for her when her parents could not. She yearned for normal, while persevering with an attitude of determination and faith.

A chance referral to a new doctor lead to the conclusion that she had lived for 30 years with a disease that she never had. Life for Jean changed quite quickly, which brought a new set of challenges.

Jean’s story offers life lessons for us as well: learning to accept the circumstances that life hands us; withholding judgments based on appearances; letting go of the past and forgiveness; and living and celebrating each day as a gift from God.

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