Winning seniors

Sydney Vargo (white), Emilie Trcka (gray), Megan Rutt (blue) and Erin Budin (not pictured) teamed up to win the Hungry Hungry Humans intra-school competition during TCU’s homecoming week. (Alex Kerkman/Le Center Leader)

What’s homecoming week without a little friendly intra-school competition?

Each year during Tri-City United High School’s homecoming week, freshmen through seniors compete in class competitions. This year, for the first time at TCU, a classic kids’ game, Hungry Hungry Humans, was brought to life.

“It’s based off the old board game,” TCU Homecoming Committee co-chair Carol Lilla said. “Some of the kids on the committee came up with the idea. They came up with all the rules themselves.”

Last year the classes got together for a game of human foosball, but this year the new idea was chosen because as Lilla said, “We like to do things a little bit different here.”

Teams of four are needed to play the game. One student lays down on two scooters with handles holding a laundry basket, while two other students steer them by holding the first student’s legs. The goal is to collect as many plastic balls as possible with the baskets from the middle of the gym and bring them back to the last teammate, who collects them all in a giant tub. The team with the most balls collected wins.

It may sound easy, but don’t forget there are also about 100 plastic balls rolling every direction, hoards of kids dragging friends by their ankles and the entire student body watching. Add in the fact that the powder puff football games were postponed due to rain and the stakes get even higher.

Instead of going to their first class of the day, all TCU High School students piled into the gymnasium Thursday morning to see which class would take home the Hungry Hungry Humans champion bragging rights.

“It was a bit of a work out,” junior Allie Hardel said. “I was both a pusher and a collector. The collecting was harder.”

The first four rounds featured four teams from the same grade squaring off against one another, with the winner moving on to the finals. The final round featured a team from each grade level.

“The key was not to have a plan, and just go ahead and charge in,” junior Ben Hertaus said. “I was a scooper, but it was probably tougher being a pusher.”

In the end, the senior quartet of Sydney Vargo, Megan Rutt, Emilie Trcka and Erin Budin brought home glory for their class after winning two games in a row. For now the Class of 2016 has the bragging rights, but should TCU bring back the game next year, expect the entire school to be hungry for a win.

“I had never played that before. They key is scooping up as many ball as you can all at once,” Hardel said. “Next year (our class) will win for sure.”

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Sports and youth writer with the Faribault Daily News. Graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato in Dec. 2014 with a degree in Mass Communications. Originally from Holmen, Wisconsin, class of 2010. Fan of the 13-time World Champion Green Bay Pack

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