Robert Taylor

James Hebl, M.D., Mayo Clinic Health System regional vice president, left; Robert Taylor, D.O., Mayo Clinic Health System in Montgomery family physician and officer-in-charge of the new 7405th Troop Medical Unit, center and Terry Brandt, Mayo Clinic Health System regional chair of administration.

Robert Taylor, D.O., a family physician at Mayo Clinic Health System in Montgomery and a major in the U.S. Army, was named officer-in-charge of the U.S. Army Reserve’s new 35-soldier medical unit in Rochester. A ceremony was held Jan. 8.

“When I joined the Army, I wanted to serve and use my medical skills to help others,” says Taylor. “I never expected to be in this type of leadership position, but I feel truly honored.”

The 7405th Troop Medical Unit’s mission is to provide sick call services, emergency care and referral services for deploying soldiers’ mobilization stations. Some of the chief duties for Taylor as officer-in-charge are ensuring training and readiness is current, making sure the unit is ready to mobilize when called upon, and overseeing medical and Army tasks.

“The new unit is designed to allow our soldiers to work more cohesively,” adds Taylor. “We’re prepared to mobilize and assist when both foreign and domestic needs arise.”

Taylor has served since 2009 and has been with Mayo Clinic Health System since 2001.

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