JANESVILLE — The future of the proposed Veterans Memorial Shelter was the subject of discussion when the Janesville City Council met on Tuesday.

The discussion is not several years old, with the park board taking the lead on the project. And what’s the reason the project is still short?

In a word, money.

“I don’t think we should totally forgo this project,” Mayor Mike Santo said. “We should move forward.”

City Administrator Clinton Rogers stated that the funds are about $50,000 short of the $78,000 estimated cost of the new facility that was done a couple of years ago. Along with the raised funds shortage it is not thought to fit into the 2020 budget.

The council discussed what to do with the funds of about $31,000 that have been contributed from various groups, with about $3,600 being used to apply for grants and develop plans.

There was discussion of asking those who donated what else the money should be used for, but that was shortly dismissed with the notion of trying to move the project forward. Santo suggested that the council and city keep working on the project by applying for more grants and sending letters to those who have donated.

“I don’t think people understand that this isn’t moving forward because there aren’t grants available, but it is a slow process right now,” Councilor Russ Wiebold said.

More grants will be opening in 2020 with a DNR grant and a US Bank grant that the city could apply for again.

After the discussion the council decided to keep applying for grants and send a letter to those who have donated so they are aware of where the money is what is happening with it.

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