JANESVILLE — More housing is coming to Janesville.

Sott Mohs and Dustin Lee approached Janesville City Council about developing Lot 6, Block Two of the Northwood Subdivision to build patio-style homes.

City Council unanimously voted to pass the developers agreement after discussion of the details.

“It’s great to hear of any new potential residential opportunities,” the Janesville City Administrator Clinton Rogers said.

Mohs and Lee plan to build six homes that would be 12 residential units on a private drive paid for and maintained by its own Developer/Homeowners Association.

There are three different floor plans that will be used for the units, which will all be one floor with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Mohs and Lee proposed to pay for all utilities and the private drive but would like the City Council to give some developer incentives.

One of the incentives from the current Economic Development Administration Housing Incentives, which are capped at $7,800 upon each house built in Janesville. The developer will receive this for each unit that gets a certificate of occupancy.

Some of the conditions in the agreement are: all construction will be completed within one year of commencement of construction. All utilities and rough gravel road installed on or before Dec. 1. Construction on the first residential unit has to start on or before April 1, 2020.

The plan is to build two homes a year until all 6 are built. Mohs did mention if there was a higher demand they would try to fit the bill and build more in a year.

Janesville has an ordinance that requires park land be dedicated or money be donated when there is a new development.

Lee bought some land that he plans to donate to the city and had a deed sent to Jason Moran, Janesville city attorney to transfer the land to the city.

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