Planning and Zoning Administrator Mark Leiferman presented the Waseca County Board of Commissioners with a conditional use permit for a township transfer of development rights and authorization along with a site lease agreement.

The request for a conditional use permit, or CUP, is to transfer the residential development rights from the sending site in Wilton Township to the receiving site in Otisco Township. Both properties are zoned as A1 Agricultural Protection District.

This CUP passed unanimously through the county board.

With this CUP granted it allows the transfer of the residential development right from the sending site in Wilton Township to the receiving site located in Otisco Township.

The receiving site property owner will need to obtain a permit to access County Road 22 from the Waseca County Highway Department going forward. There are also restricted uses pertaining to the A1 Agricultural Protection zone along with conditions when the CUP was granted.

Leiferman also presented a site lease agreement to the county commissioners.

Waseca County has received a request from Croell, a paving contractor working on the County Road 3 project, to lease a portion of the 10.41-acre tract located at the intersection of US Highway 14 and County Road 3. Croell would lease the site for $5,000 for up to 120 days and make improvements to the property.

These improvements would include creating entrances and installing base material. The company would then operate a temporary concrete plant on the site.

The lease passed unanimously.

In the lease agreement there are some rules that the tenant will have to comply with.

The tenant will obtain and pay for the costs associated with any of the permits and licenses required to use the land leased and to operate the concrete facility. They will also pay for the costs to construct and repair the leased premises. The tenant will protect areas that are considered potential wetlands on the property.

Croell will also get any required permits for access from the Waseca County Highway Department. The tenant will remove all equipment and debris from the site prior to the termination of the 120-day lease.

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