JANESVILLE — A city-owned lawn mower will still be the property of the City of Janesville even after the city council authorized its sale at the council's meeting on Monday.

There was a motion to sell the lawnmower for $10,000, which would move it from the public works department in Janesville to the golf course department for use.

This motion passed four-to-one with council member Russ Wiebold voting against.

The city will pay the public works department in the street equipment fund the full $10,000 out of the golf course 2020 budget.

The Janesville Area Golf Association will then pay the city in three installments over three years for the city to donate the money to the golf course fund to replenish the $10,000 spent at one time on the lawn mower.

Once the motion was made the mower will be transferred over to the golf course department.

In other city council news:

• The council voted unanimously in favor of the addition of retired Janesville firefighters to be reserve firefighters in case of a large emergency.

Reserve Firefighters are defined as individuals who have previously served as and have been trained as full-time or volunteer firefighters and are no longer employed or working for the Janesville Fire Department.

At this time the reserve group of retirees is just meant for those firefighters who were active members in Janesville. Fire Chief Mark Spitzack stated that it is this way because they would be familiar with the town area and the equipment of the department.

The reserve group will be made up of local retired firefighters, who would help with exterior jobs when there is a large emergency. This could be driving truck or pulling hose, first aid if up-to-date on training, maintain equipment or station or something to free up an active member, to name a few potential jobs .

There is a policy for the retired to meet and follow if they join the reserve group.

There are two requirements to join the Janesville reserve firefighters and they are to be in good standing with previous service to the Janesville Fire Department and approval from the Board of Directors of the Fire Department.

Along with the requirements there are some trainings that the reserve firefighters must complete.

They must complete initial in-house training of all rescue, fire equipment and apparatus pertaining to this policy. They must be qualified as a driver operator by the Janesville Fire Board and Training Officer. Finally they must attend at least two Janesville trainings annually, including apparatus and pump training.

The policy was voted into place by the Janesville City Council so expectations and what is required is clear to those wishing to participate.

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