The homes and neighborhoods of Northfield are a fascinating blend of the historic, traditional and contemporary; and new developments have remained sensitive to facilitating community connections.

Close to Northfield’s city center you will find tree-lined streets and predictable lots with classic homes including craftsman, Victorian, and colonial, to name a few. The growth in the latter half of the 20th century included custom-built ranch houses placed along curvilinear streets and cul-de-sacs. In more recent years, large distinctive homes were built, and the Northfield area has seen a number of townhome, twinhome and single home developments. Also, there are a variety of apartment options for those who prefer to rent. Living options for seniors include retirement condominiums, assisted living and apartments.

For relocation information, contact the Chamber of Commerce, 507-645-5604 info@northfieldchamber.comwww.northfieldchamber.com


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