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Are you heading out to the first weekend of the state amateur baseball tournament?

If you’re off to the Delano site, where the Morristown Morries play 7 p.m. Saturday vs. the Isanti Redbirds and the Waterville Indians take on the St. Benedict Saints 1 p.m. Sunday, you can decide ahead of time what will tickle your tast buds.

The Minnesota Baseball Association released on its social media platforms the menu at Delano Municipal Baseball Park.

Some unique items include state fair-like items like a turkey leg ($6) and pork chop on a stick ($5). Traditional grill foods are also available along with a burrito bowl ($4), chicken caesar salad ($4) and walking tacos ($4).

Sweet treats include root beer floats ($3), ice cream sundaes ($3) and frozen chocolate covered bananas ($2).

All menu items are $6 or under, including air heads for $.25 and ring pops for $.50.

A full list is available on the @MinnBaseball Twitter handle.

Why We Play

This month, the Minnesota State High School League released a 5 minute, 59 second video featuring various athletes around the state.

The video gained steam on social media as it touches on the benefits of high school athletics, while also pointing out areas for improvement.

The video features athletes speaking into the camera about why they’re involved in sports.

Building character, staying in shape, building work ethic and learning teamwork are among the reasons listed. All the positives athletics can develop are reinforced.

The video continues with athletes sharing their influences in athletics, thanking parents and supporters for what they’ve done for them.

It’s a touching video, but there are some cautionary tales.

Athletes spoke to the amount of abuse toward officials they see during a given competition. One female athlete said she’s a ref herself. “Getting yelled at is never fun,” she said earnestly.

“I think sportsmanship for the parents is just as important as for the teammates,” another said.

Some parents can be tough on their children as well as instill undue pressure. It can grow to be too much to handle.

“I don’t actually really like when my parents come to my games,” one said. “I often tell them not to come to my games just because I like to be there to have fun and I don’t like pressure or anything.”

High school athletics can be a pathway to competing collegiately and to even earn a scholarship. A very select few will even go on to play professionally.

For most, though, an athletic career will come to a close after high school.

Statistics flashed on the screen: Less than 3% of students will play college sports after high school. Less than 1% will become pros.

That’s a reminder that for the majority, high school athletics are there as a way to grow, make friends and have fun.

The video can be found by visiting MSHSL.org or on the MSHSL Facebook page.

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