The outstanding athlete award is presented each year to a female and male eighth grader and is based on athletic participation, with demonstrated outstanding ability in the area, and academic achievement. The recipients of this year’s awards receive a plaque with their name on it. Another with their name will be permanently displayed in the middle school trophy case.

2019-20 Co-Outstanding Male Student Athletes:

Cristian Escobar Pearson — Son of Nicole Pearson and Ivan Rosillo. He participates in JV soccer, basketball, track and student council. Escobar Pearson has been on the honor roll and FMS All Star.

“Cristian was an outstanding Track Athlete, who constantly worked on finding ways to improve his strength and speed. His teammates look up to him and follow his lead.”

“Cristian has an outstanding work ethic and demeanor on the court. Be it drills, competition situations, or actual games Cristian has one approach, “go all out and give it his best.”

“He is one of the rare athletes that challenges himself internally to become better and never stop working. He competes hard and enjoys doing it.”

Cristian Escobar Pearson.jpg

Escobar Pearson

Isaac Yetzer — Son of Joe and Gina Yetzer. He participates in football, wrestling, baseball, WEB and band. Yetzer has earned his Wrestling Varsity Letter going 22-15, was all-conference honor mention and on the honor roll.

“To many, Isaac’s successes on the mat may have come as a surprise, but not to Isaac. He worked for it. Isaac had a great season because he made it a goal to challenge himself each day with the best. As an 8th grader he regularly challenged the states top ranked seniors in our room...and Isaac held his own! Great character, heart, and confidence will continue to carry Ike all the way to state in the near future.”

“Isaac was a valuable part of the 8th grade football team on offense and defense as well as part of a very successful 7-8 grade club wrestling team. He has a very bright future.”

Isaac Yetzer.jpg


2019-2020 Co-Outstanding Female Student Athletes:

Aubrey Filan — Daughter of Emily Dressel and Kevin Filan. She participates in volleyball, basketball, WEB and orchestra. Filan has been on the honor roll, FMS All Star and Student of the Month.

“Aubrey’s teammates look to her for guidance and confidence during times of struggle, but is also the first one to celebrate with them during even the smallest of their personal victories. Aubrey’s leadership ability, humbleness and captivating drive for success makes her the perfect candidate for FMS’s Outstanding Female Athlete. I look forward to seeing this Faribault Falcon soar.”

“Aubrey is the kind of student athlete you want on your team. She was voted by her peers as one of my captains on the 9th grade volleyball team. Besides her incredible work ethic on the court, she has an amazing personality and is someone people enjoy spending their time with. Aubrey is the definition of an Outstanding Student Athlete!”

Aubrey Filan.jpg


Hailey Reuvers — Daughter of Dominic and Tiffany Reuvers. She participates in tennis, basketball, boys tennis manager, WEB, student council and band. Reuvers has been a 2x Varsity Tennis Letterwinner, on the honor roll, Student of the Month, FMS All Star and volunteers with Little Falcons.

“Hailey is awesome in to have in class and on the court. She is known for her calming and quiet leadership.”

“Hailey works very hard to improve her game and be the best she can be. She also is a wonderful student and will be missed at FMS. She also is very selfless and looks to do things for others. She epitomizes this award and will go on to do great things at Faribault High School.”

Hailey Reuvers.jpg


Other male nominees:

Ethan Amundson — Son of Malinda and Benjamin Amundson. He participates in cross country, hockey and track and field and has been on the honor roll.

“Ethan is a tough kid. He was a key JV cross country contributor. He works hard and was great to coach. If he keeps working hard good things will follow. 19:22 was his best time in 5K.”

Ethan Amundson.jpg


Owen Beardsley — Son of Jon and Renee Beardsley. He participates in cross country, golf, WEB, Falcons for Change, student council and choir. Beardsley has been on the A Honor Roll and was an FMS All Star.

“Owen is a very smart kid. He has is close to a 4.0 student as one can be. He is well liked by his peers and is very has been very involved during his time at FMS. His effort, smile and energy will be missed next year.”

“Owen is a strong, smooth runner. He did a great job on the JV cross country team. 18:44 was his best time in 5k. He has a bright future if he stays focused and continues to work hard.”

Owen Beardsley.jpg


D’Shaun Davis — Son of Jesse Kohman. He participates in football, wrestling, track and field. Davis has earned a varsity letter for wrestling, was 4-9 on varsity and 11-2 on JV. He also is consistently on the honor roll.

“D’Shaun suffered a few more injuries than he would have liked this year and it cost him valuable mat time, but D’Shaun kept coming back. He showed great perseverance in working to be a valued member of the wrestling team. D’Shaun has very lofty goals and knows what is needed to accomplish them. Look for D’Shaun to have a huge healthy freshman season.”

“D’Shaun was top leader on the track team that kids looked up too. He was determined to make his PR’s and was enjoyable to coach.”

D'Shaun Davis.jpg


Nicholas Holmberg — Son of Kyle and Jennie Holmberg. He participates in soccer, basketball, WEB, Falcons for Change, has been on the honor roll and FMS All Star.

“Nick has a very bright future ahead of him. He is a leader both in the classroom and on any team is a part of. He is respectful,humble, hard working, determined and has a good head on his shoulders. He epitomizes the meaning of a Outstanding Student Athlete and look forward to watching this young man do great things.”

Nicholas Holmberg.jpg


Jathyn Hausen — Son of Jamie Hausen and Travis Hausen. He participates in football, varsity wrestling, baseball, student council and choir. Hausen has earned varsity letter in wrestling, been on the honor roll and an FMS All Star.

“JT excelled this season on the mat in part because of his great focus and determination. He set very high goals for himself this year and worked hard to attain each and every goal. He was 31-7 on Varsity this year and earned 1st team all conference. JT pushed himself to be the best in the room each day which in turn made those around him better student athletes as well. Only an 8th grader, JT has much more to accomplish in the coming years with the Falcon Wrestling Team.”

“JT has grown so much as a young man during his time at FMS. He is a key member of the Football, Wrestling and Baseball Team. Very proud of all he has started to accomplished and look forward to watching him excel at Faribault High School.”

Jathyn Hausen.jpg


Ismail Jimale — Son of Noor Omar and Fatuma Wama. He participates in soccer and basketball.

“Ismail showed great athleticism and demonstrated a hard work ethic on the soccer field. He was a pleasure to coach. Being an athlete has helped Ismail in the classroom be more focused. Look forward to watching him play sports in High School.”

Ismail Jimale.jpg


Carter Johnson — Son of Jim and Jamie Johnson. He participates in JV soccer, basketball, track, WEB, Falcons of Change and student council. Johnson is on the honor roll, Student of the Month and FMS All Star.

“Carter is 1 of 2 eighth graders that played on the Boys JV soccer team. He is also very strong in the classroom and maintained a 3.9 GPA.”

“Carter works very hard in and out of the classroom. He is honest, has a great sense of humor and is a team player who looks out for his teammates. He is very involved in the fabric of FMS. With his continued hard work and determination he has a very bright future ahead of him.”

Carter Johnson.jpg


Cooper Leichtnam — Son of Jerome and Monica Leichtnam. He participates in football, JV wrestling, baseball and WEB.

“Cooper may have the highest ceiling of any wrestler as he is just starting to come into his own on the wrestling mat. He was 1-0 on Varsity and 21-9 on JV this year. The only thing that rivals his competitive heart is his level of respect for doing the little things right. A great teammate and dedicated individual, Cooper is a force that will only become stronger.”

Cooper Leichtnam.jpg


Logan Peroutka — Son of Brianne and Brent Peroutka. He participates in football, hockey, golf, WEB, Falcons for Change and band. Peroutka has been on the honor roll, Student of the Month and FMS All Star.

“Logan is very involved at FMS. He has a such a wide range of diverse activities that he takes part in. In all areas he works very hard to be successful. He is responsible, kind, a leader and will play a big part in the fabric of FHS next year and going forward. He will be missed at FMS. Good luck Logan!

Logan Peroutka.jpg


Joseph Steinberg — Son of Patrick and Barb Steinberg. He participates in football, wrestling, track, WEB and orchestra. Steinberg has been on the A honor roll and FMS All Star.

“Joey continues to improve each time out on the mat. He had a very solid season wrestling JV this year. He has a strong work ethic and a desire to be better. Joey is a great teammate and works hard to push his “brothers” to be their best. He has the heart of a champion and never gives up!”

Joseph Steinberg.jpg


Christian Trujillo — Son of Ramiro Trujillo and Maximina Arcos. He participates in soccer, track, WEB and orchestra. Trujillo has earned a varsity letter for soccer, A honor roll, FMS All Star and Student of the Month.

“Christian is a top notch young man. He is a hard worker and very humble. He has so many qualities that make him a great teammate as well. He finished the year as our starting Varsity Goalie and no doubt has a bright future ahead of him.”

Christian Trujillo.jpg


Other female nominees:

Skylar Bertram — Daughter of Josh and Sara Bertram. She participates in soccer and choir and has been on the honor roll and FMS All Star.

“Skylar is a leader on the field and off. She is a true team player.”

“Really looking forward to watching Skylar grow these next 4 years of soccer. She was on Varsity this year and has a bright future. Skylar has a lot of energy that she brings to the team. She is positive and has a great personality.”

Skylar Bertram.jpg


Morgan Borchert — Daughter of Holly McBeth, and Michael and Tara Borchert. She participates in volleyball, varsity gymnastics, WEB, Falcons for Change and AVID. Borchert has earned her varsity letter for gymnastics, FMS All Star and has been on honor roll.

“Morgan is wonderful young lady with a passion to help others. She is a true asset to any team or classroom she is a part of. She is great teammate and I look forward to watching her flourish at Faribault High School.”

Morgan Borchert.jpg


Reagan Dregenberg — Daughter of Rachel Wunderlich and Matt Drengenberg. She participates in volleyball, basketball, fastpitch, AVID and choir and is an honor roll student.

“Reagan always came to practice with an attitude to improve and learn the sport of volleyball. Being her first year she grew as a player immensely. Reagan is always full of energy and support for her teammates. She shows her school spirit in a way that is contagious to others. Reagan also plays basketball and fastpitch. She is the type of athlete you want on your team because she is always giving it her best effort and encouraging everyone around her to have fun.”

Reagan Drengenberg.jpg


Jacee Frank — Daughter of Johnny and Ann Frank. She participates in volleyball, track and field, WEB and choir. Franks has been on the honor roll and FMS All Star.

“Jacee is a wonderful student and a joy to have in the classroom and to coach. She has a great attitude and always finds ways to cheer her teammates up. She has a lot of team spirit, is eager to win and do her best.”

Jacee Frank.jpg


Nichole Hausen — Daughter of Sam Bultman and Richard Hausen. She participates in volleyball, basketball, AVID and has been on the honor roll.

“On the court Nikki puts forth her absolute best effort whether it is practice or competition. In the classroom she is just as determined to find success. Nikki is kind, caring, and embraces all of her classmates and teammates individualities.”

Nichole Hausen.jpg


Faith Leichtnam — Daughter Jerome and Monica Leichtnam. She participates in varsity dance, student council, WEB, Falcons for Change and band. Leichtnam has earned varsity dance letter and has been on the honor roll.

Faith had a wonderful year on the Varsity Emerlads Dance Team this year. She works very hard, asks questions and fit in very well. Her personality and work ethic were a great fit. The next four years will be fun watching her grow and develop.”

“Faith is an upstanding young lady. She is a rockstar in the classroom, helpful to anyone in need and generally cares about others. She is an asset to any team, club or class that she is a part of. Faith you will be missed here next year.”

Faith Leichtnam.jpg


Grace McCoshen — Daughter of Kevin and Colleen McCoshen. She participates in Hockey and WEB, earned hockey letter, has been on the honor roll and Student of the Month.

“Grace has confidence, skill, and poise on the ice. As an 8th grader on the Varsity Hockey Team, she let her play on the ice talk for her. She understands the game of hockey and brings the best out of other players on our team. She had 25 points on the season, one of the team leaders in plus/minus, and was Big 9 Honorable Mention Selection. She is her toughest critic, pushing herself to be the best player and teammate possible. She is one of the best defenseman I’ve coached and she has so much potential on the ice”.

Grace McCoshen.jpg


Aaliyah Reyes — Daughter of Erin Vega and Luis Reyes. She participates in basketball, track, WEB, student council, band and has been on the honor roll.

“Aaliyah always has a smile on her face and her sense of humor is contagious. Her teammates and coaches really enjoy being around her. She will be missed at FMS. She has very strong leadership skills and displays a positive attitude. She is eager to find ways to improve and do her best.”

Aaliyah Reyes


Halle Rice — Daughter of Jared and Heidi Rice. She participates in volleyball, basketball, WEB, orchestra and was an FMS All Star and on the honor roll.

“Halle is a hard worker and a joy to have on the team. She is always working to improve and makes her teammates better. It will fun to watch her improve over the next few years. She is also a responsible student. I wish her the best of luck at the high school.”

Halle Rice.jpg


Rylee Sietsema — Daughter of Andrea Sietsema. She participates in volleyball, basketball, fastpitch, WEB and Falcons for Change. Sietsema has been on the honor roll and FMS All Star.

“Rylee was a hard worker in our VB program. She always wanted to push herself as an athlete and was very dedicated to her sport. She brought the team together and was always there for her teammates.”

“Hard worker in class, great attitude, willing to help others in class and on the court.”

Rylee Sietsema.jpg


Meredith Umbreit — Daughter of Mark and Jennifer Umbreit. She participates in varsity soccer, basketball, AVID and band. Umbreit has earned a varsity letter in soccer and has been on the honor roll.

“Meredith has an awesome attitude in games and in practice, she is always willing to help other kids. She is a joy to coach, is a hard worker and am excited to watch her grow and succeed in high school.”

Meredith Umbrett.jpg


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