106: Cole Sheely (GMLO) over Brady Murphy (WEJW) (Fall 0:28)

113: Teague Alden (GMLO) over Carson James (WEJW) (Fall 3:10)

120: Carson Petry (WEJW) over Timmy Hogfeldt (GMLO) (MD 14-2)

126: Aiden Quintana (GMLO) over Ben Root (WEJW) (Fall 0:21)

132: James Jacobsen (GMLO) over Patrick Adams (WEJW) (Fall 0:44)

138: Cohen Wiste (GMLO) over Gavin Krause (WEJW) (Fall 1:47)

145: Donavon Felten (GMLO) over Lucas Morsching (WEJW) (Fall 2:04)

152: Braxten Wiste (GMLO) over Kelton Erler (WEJW) (Fall 0:14)

160: Jack Cahill (WEJW) over Ayden Stier (GMLO) (Fall 1:38)

170: Zac Gehling (GMLO) over (WEJW) (For.)

182: Ezekial Peterson (WEJW) over (GMLO) (For.)

195: Rowan Sween (GMLO) over (WEJW) (For.)

220: Lucca Sween (GMLO) over Lawrence Pietz (WEJW) (Fall 0:40)

285: Keegan Kuball (WEJW) over Christian Luthe (GMLO) (Fall 2:26)

Westfield 57, WEM/JWP 15

106: Kevin Hodge (WERA) over Brady Murphy (WEJW) (Dec 3-2)

113: Hunter Simonson (WERA) over Carson James (WEJW) (Fall 0:54)

120: Bo Zwiener (WERA) over Carson Petry (WEJW) (Dec 10-4)

126: Cannon Wacek (WERA) over Zach Quast (WEJW) (Fall 0:55)

132: Grant Magnuson (WERA) over Patrick Adams (WEJW) (Fall 1:03)

138: Gavin Krause (WEJW) over Cade Christianson (WERA) (Dec 11-8)

145: Keegan Bronson (WERA) over Lucas Morsching (WEJW) (Fall 1:22)

152: Kelton Erler (WEJW) over (WERA) (For.)

160: Sam Skillestad (WERA) over Jack Cahill (WEJW) (Dec 8-7)

170: Ty Bronson (WERA) over (WEJW) (For.)

182: Tyler Archer (WERA) over (WEJW) (For.)

195: Vincent Hernandez (WERA) over (WEJW) (For.)

220: Sam Pirkl (WERA) over Lawrence Pietz (WEJW) (Fall 0:49)

285: Keegan Kuball (WEJW) over (WERA) (For.)

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Sports Editor for the Northfield News. Also a California native looking for tips on surviving the winter and an Indiana University grad on the quest for a good breaded pork tenderloin.

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