Brad Finstad stands out from the 20 candidates on the upcoming special election ballot. He is the strongest, well-rounded contender in the race; and the only one with endorsements from two Minnesota members of U.S. Congress, and the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association.

Brad Finstad, along with wife Jaclyn, their seven kids and extended family, operate a generational family farm near New Ulm. Finstad was appointed by President Donald Trump as the State Director of the USDA (2017-2020).

I served with Brad Finstad in the Minnesota House of Representatives when he was elected at age 24. He served three terms (2003-2008) for Brown, Watonwan, and Redwood counties. Brad is a well-respected, trusted leader with professional agricultural experience, and a proven voting record.

As a state legislator:

Brad Finstad protected unborn babies by authoring the Positive Alternatives Act that supports women throughout pregnancy, birth and motherhood. He holds a 100% rating from MCCL.

Brad Finstad defended our constitutional freedoms by voting to make Minnesota the 34th right to carry state in the U.S.. He has a lifetime ‘A’ rating from the NRA.

Brad Finstad repealed the Minnesota Department of Education’s ‘Profile of Learning’ that promoted a curriculum based on multiculturism, diversity, gender, and student career tracking.

Brad Finstad will put America first by fighting to secure our border, stop record inflation, defend family values, strengthen parental rights and uphold law and order.

Precincts are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, May 24. Or vote early at the Rice County Government Center.

Lynda Boudreau


This letter is a paid political endorsement.

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