Letter to the editor:

I read a recent article by Sen. John Jasinski expressing his frustration and disappointment because of the lack of accomplishment in another special session. I can assure the senator he is not alone, probably most Minnesota voters are tired of paying for special sessions with not much getting done. Sen. Jasinski then states the sole purpose of the special session was to limit the executive power of Gov. Walz. What I recall as the special session main purpose was to get a bonding bill passed.

Republican leadership started making a big issue of how Gov. Walz has handled the states response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is easy being an armchair quarterback isn’t it? The Republican controlled Senate knew the Democratic controlled House would not support their effort to limit Governor Walz’s executive power but they wanted a campaign issue. I wonder if these same Republicans are concerned at all about the extent of President Trump’s use of executive power?

Sen. Jasinski goes on to state the Senate made proposals which the House amended with their own requests. Isn’t that how compromise is suppose to work with a back and forth debate until an agreement is reached? I guess Sen. Jasinski thinks if you don’t accept what he wants then you are not willing to compromise. I think he needs some additional training in the legislative process. Luckily Sen. Jasinski will have another chance to learn how to compromise on July 12 when the legislature is required to meet again to extend Gov. Walz’s executive power which is already a given because unless there is an extraordinary event before then Gov. Walz will continue to open up the state in a commonsense practical manner.

Maybe Sen. Jasinski and the rest of Republican leadership can actually get a bonding bill passed so more Minnesotans can get back to work and also get a start on sensible law enforcement reform.

Actions do seem to speak louder than words. We get lots of words out of the Legislature but not much action. Isn’t it past time for a change? What do you think?

Philip Heim


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