As summer winds down and the fall programs begin to fire up it is a great time to reflect on many of the accomplishments of the parks and recreation department this past summer. Thousands of youth have had the opportunity to learn skills in programs ranging from beginner ball to baseball to tennis lessons as well as swimming lessons and of course the ever popular fun center. We also had a number of special events that are free for everyone, such as pet parade, concerts in the park and outdoor movies. As a department we hire approximately 150 summer staff to bring you all of these quality programs. Thank you to everyone for all of their hard work and dedication.

We must also take the time to recognize our parks maintenance staff. Many residents of the community take for granted that their neighborhood parks or the ball fields and trails just are always ready to use. They are not. The Parks Department works hard to make sure everything is ready when you want to use them. They prep up to 10 ball fields per day. Mow 100’s of acres of grass each week. Broom approximately 8.5 miles of trail. Repair and repaint vandalism on a daily basis. These hard-working organized staff allow us to use the facilities without even giving a thought to all the work that makes them look so nice, and this is the way it should be. The users get to see the end product and hopefully appreciate the facilities the City of Faribault owns and operates.

On a negative note, I need to mention vandalism again. I briefly mentioned it above, but it continues to be a real issue in the parks. We have recently had bathrooms at Waupacuta Park set on fire, a piece of playground equipment damaged and had numerous vehicles drive on grass in the parks and ballfields and rut everything up. We have had spray painting on our benches and picnic shelters. If anyone sees anybody doing anything destructive action happening in the parks please call the police. We need to catch them so that they can make full restitution and not have the taxpayers pay the full bill for their destructive behavior.

As always feel free to contact us at any time with any comments or concerns dealing with the parks, and any recreation programs. You can reach us at the Community Center at 507-334-2064

Paul J. Peanasky is the Parks and Recreation Director for the Faribault Parks and Recreation Department.

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