To the editor:

In September 2020 we had the dubious juxtaposition of the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 attack and the 200,000th death from COVID-19.

9/11 galvanized the U.S. with a common purpose. Most of us remember the unity and resolve of Americans to confront a serious threat. It took a disaster to bring us together. 9/11 took almost 3,000 lives. Now, with COVID-19, we’re at almost 70 times that number. For context and comparison that’s every man, woman and child in Duluth, Mankato, Albert Lea, Faribault, St. Peter and Northfield. And, amazingly, we’re a nation divided.

Donald Trump‘s slogan has been MAGA, Make America Great Again. I couldn’t agree more with the concept. This country can do anything when it is united. Our problem is that Donald Trump has failed colossally. A leader unites the country. COVID-19 is still a clear and present danger. He’s discarding American lives for personal gain. But even with this fatal flaw, Trump could have marshaled the lemming-like behavior of the GOP, especially the GOP governors. Even now, a cohesive national strategy of simply wearing masks is projected to save 100,000 American lives by the end of 2020. Right to life includes you and me. And, we’re physically threatened by Trump’s incompetence.

Jim Evans, master of public health, physician


This letter is a paid political endorsement.

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