To the editor:

A St. Cloud Times editorial recently stated this about our current president: “Do you want this to be a nation striving for all the freedoms our founders not only envisioned but willingly put their lives behind with their signatures? Or do you want a country led by a president bent on keeping power by stroking fear, using intimidation and making verbal attacks on Americans? Enough of excusing and ignoring his bigotry and hate because your economic times are good or you can’t stomach the other party. If you support him with your vote, own this: You support a president who embraces the exact opposite values of those written into the very documents presidents are sworn to uphold.”

President Trump is very good at causing division and using it to his advantage because that was the way he was taught, and it has worked for him throughout his life in business because he could function as a dictator. He is attempting to govern this country the same way he has run his businesses. Look at how he has surrounded himself with “yes” people in the continuous change over in his administration. When he talks about “nasty” or “stupid” people it seems like a reflection on his own inadequacies.

I encourage readers to go to your local library and read the factual book “Never enough: Donald Trump and the pursuit of success” by Michael D'Antonio which is the life story of Trump. Also, the book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” by Bandy Lee, M.D., is a composite of medical professional opinions of Trump's personality and mental stability.

I don’t care what political party you identify with. We as citizens can and must do better in electing somebody other than Trump as president.

Philip Heim


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