Letter to the editor:

Recently, I traveled Minnesota and was privileged to speak to a holocaust survivor. Her family fled with the clothes on their backs; most were rounded up and killed. This brave woman experienced both communist socialism and Nazi socialism in her lifetime.

Her chilling account:

The sequence of pre-World War II events in Germany/Europe are exactly the sequence of events happening in America today; Radicals have infiltrated our nation.

• Communist socialism (communist manifesto) and Nazi socialism strategic plan (takeover)

• Promote discord division) within the citizenry

• Promote chaos, hatred, violence etc.—See Portland, Seattle etc.

• Promote fear as means to control —Using COVID stats – Reality--Since April, COVID death rates sharply declined and maintained this status to the present (See Minnesota Department of Health)

Revolution complete when:

• Police defunded (happening)

• Citizens’ guns removed (attempting)

• Statues/history removed (happening—rewrite history)

• Media controlled (happening--one sided stories—CBS, NBC etc.; conservative voices censored on social media)

• Completion of Power--Hitler took power legally through the legislature. The Minnesota Legislature has not been in power for six months—only Gov. Walz!

• Control complete = Promises not kept and America destroyed

Trump = freedom = Bill of Rights. With COVID, Trump gave governors power to act—only a dictator takes power and keeps it—like Walz.

Radical socialism = Democratic takeover. Biden = Pawn to complete the political radicalization of America.

The truth sets us free. Learn from one who survived the radical Nazi and communist regimes!

Linda Moore


This letter is a paid political endorsement. 

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