To the editor:

There are so many things to write about, it’s hard to pick just one subject, so I will make a list.

1. The Trump tax bill makes billionaires richer with a permanent plan; while the working class gets a very small temporary benefit.

2. The Trump tariffs destroy a good market for farm products, causing financial turmoil in the farm economy.

3. Trump had a long association with Jeffrey Epstein. He said they both liked their girls on the younger side. He had his lawyer pay off his prostitutes to keep quiet before his election.

4. Trump most admired people are Vladimer Putin and Kim Jong Un, the two worst dictators in the world. Trump was eager to accept Russian help in the last election.

5. Trump would like to repeal Obamacare, and the Republicans have nothing to replace it. Trump is surrounded by business associates and employees who are guilty of felonies. The only reason Trump is not in jail is the fact that he is the president.

6. Trump will not release his taxes. What does he have to hide?

7. Trump appointed judges with limited legal knowledge because they were Trump loyalists.

8. Trumps border wall is just as worthless as the great wall of China. Desperate people will find a way to go over, under or around it. It is a complete waste of money; and Mexico will not pay for it. It would make a lot more sense to give t some humanitarian aid to those suffering people. Trump has just switched several million dollars from hurricane aid to border wall enforcement.

10. All these things that Trump is doing are things that a dictator would do. It reminds me of the way Adolph Hitler got control of Germany. Hitler had the Jews for a target, and trump is targeting the desperate people at our southern borders.

11. Donald Trump is totally corrupt. He is the poorest excuse for a president that we have ever had.

Carl Mortenson


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