To the editor:

I wonder what that highway project between Northfield and Faribault cost this summer. It's a nice surface, looks good. It was kind of a hassle for a few days with back-ups and pilot cars, but we expect that in summer. My big question is why in the world did they not bother to fix those two rather significant pot holes that are at the curve just north of the railroad bridge right out of Faribault?? Those potholes have developed all spring and summer. When the project started I thought, "great, now they'll finally fix those holes." Nope. Didn't. Really. Several hundred thousand dollars (guessing here), lots of big equipment, lots of people on the job and guess what … the potholes are still there. This is efficiency??? Our tax dollars at work. One more example of lack of planning on someone's part. Really, people???

Patt Germann


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