To the editor:

With school about to be in session in less than a month, parents are deciding where to enroll their children. As a resident of Faribault for over 40 years and served on the Faribault School Board for 12 years, I would highly recommend that the parents do not enroll their children in the Faribault Middle School.

My reasons for this recommendation are in print with our local newspaper and on the videos at the Faribault School District website. The parents in our Faribault school district deserve better from our schools. I would never enroll my grandchildren into the Faribault Middle School unless the environment gets better. I am not holding my breath for the betterment of this issue. The parents and students have a wide range of options, ranging from open enrollment to other school districts to enrollment in private schools.

Writing this letter is very difficult for me because I care for this community and I care for this school district. I truly believe that education is the key to success, but sadly, the Faribault school district has let the taxpayers down.

In future letters to the editor, I will state the reasons why I will not support the operating levy this coming November. I do support the seven-period day at the high school; however, I do not trust the current school board to spend the money in the manner promised to the taxpayers.

Richard Olson


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