To the editor: 

I came up with three that matter to me:

1. Truth matters 2. History matters 3. Compassion matters.

In the coming presidential election, I hope all of you will weigh what matters to you and vote accordingly.

If "truth matters" to me, I must vote against Donald Trump since this president has made headlines for the number of lies or mistruths told as president. According to non-partisan fact checkers.

He has even spawned a new word "disinformation," which appears to mean information that distracts or replaces the truth.

We are led to believe that the Republican party is anti-abortion, but a Minneapolis physician acquaintance of mine, tells me the opposite is true. This doctor tells me that more abortions have been performed during Republican administrations than during DFL administrations … this has held true since the Bush administration. Why?

If you are a young pregnant women in poverty, government programs available to help you feed your child and access health care for your children, are often cut during Republican administrations, leaving the young woman unable to provide necessary food and health care to her child. So she chooses abortion as a solution.

In this upcoming election, why does history matter?

I recently asked a former German citizen how the German citizens were led to follow Adolph Hitler. She told me that Hitler was a very charismatic speaker and held exciting and lively rallies where he proclaimed he would make Germany great again. he addressed his message to those citizens who were unhappy with their lives and as is human nature wanted someone to blame and chose a people whom German citizens were already suspicious of, the Jews. Sound familiar yet?

This was the campaign strategy of Donald Trump, holding rallies to pronounce, he would make America great again. For those discontented with their life, he gave them someone to blame and like Hitler, chose people who many Americans were already suspicious of, immigrants and Muslims.

Thus I am very wary of this president. And because the truth matters to me, as does history and compassionate leadership, I urge you all to think about what matters to you when casting your vote this November and make your vote count for what matters to you and not be misled by slogans and ads.

Jan Cherry


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