To the editor:

I could not believe when I read that the American Library Association endorses “Drag Queen Story Time”! I also saw the picture of Drag Queen “Carla”, laying on the floor with a child on top of him! The article from Free Republic by Megan Fox stated, “Drag queen, Carla Rossi, rolling around on the floor in full-body contact with minor children at the Multnomah County Library in Oregon.” Has our society fallen off the sanity cliff?

I am outraged that children in Faribault may be or are taught that homosexuality/transgenderism is “normal.” There is a huge fallacy in the logic that homosexuality/transgenderism is normal, and these issues need clarification.

First, those who advocate that homosexuality/transgenderism is “normal” base their argument on the science that points to a biological basis. From my brief review of the research, much of this research is correlational. Correlation does not show cause, only association. Yes, there is a positive association between biology and homosexuality, but the classic example in research class is that there is a positive association between ice cream sales and drownings on a hot day at the beach. Obviously, more ice cream sales do not cause more drownings! Additionally, researchers agree that homosexuality/transgenderism issues are complicated with more research needed.

Second, even if there is a biological basis for homosexuality/transgenderism, this doesn’t mean homosexuality/transgenderism is “normal.” For example, autism, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. all have a biological basis. Just because something is biological doesn’t mean it’s normal. It’s like saying John has heart disease, and we accept John as he is without attempting to help him. This is a great disservice to those in the homosexual/transgender community.

The individuals who relate to homosexual/transgender tendencies are suffering. They should not be bullied but treated as human beings. However, this does not mean indoctrinating our children in schools and public libraries that homosexuality/transgenderism is “normal.” Look at the pictures from the Multnomah County Library (Google: “Oregon Library Allows Drag Queen to Roll Around on the Ground with Children.”) — that is, if Google hasn’t taken it down!

Drag Story Time and touting homosexual behavior as normal are tantamount to grooming innocent, vulnerable children to behavior that is not normal. The decency line has been crossed. We need to fight for children in Faribault and stand against the blatant and/or subtle indoctrination of the “normalcy” of homosexuality/transgenderism.

Linda Moore


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