To the editor: 

On Thanksgiving morning we were awakened to the sound of a city snowplow re-plowing our street. This was a national holiday, so I am certain the the driver was making at least time and a half, if not double time. Why was he there at all?!

The street had been plowed the day before, and after it had been done the sun had come out, and the afternoon temp had risen to 30 degrees. With the sunshine, the street was clear.

This seems to be a policy for this city to do the job twice, whether it needs it or not. Well it did not need it, and was a terrible waste of taxpayer dollars! I believe the leadership of this city owes it to the taxpayers to explain why this blatant waste of taxpayer money is deemed so necessary. Please do not say it is because cars were on the street, because if this is your reason, then the police are not doing their job of seeing that the cars are removed.

I think that it is high time this city stops being so reactive, and start being proactive.

I have seen in this paper several stories about the city budget, and how large of a increase they want in the tax rates, so why was this done. The public wants to know!

Alvin Moldenhauer


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