In Phillipians 4:1-9, it tells us to rejoice and again I say rejoice. In these uncertain times, it seems hard to be of a joyful mood. Yet, if we are in a state of sadness and loss of hope, we are allowing Satan in all his power to take control.

We need to be ready to replace worry with trust in God, and to remember not to be anxious about anything but to tell God what we need and thank him for all he has done. If we believe there is a God, which there is, and he is all powerful, the embodiment of love, what do we have to worry about? God is taking care of us, stop worrying, trust him.

We also need to develop a gratitude attitude. A gratitude attitude is the source of wealth and happiness. It reminds us that God is present with us in all our circumstances, yes, even during the time of the COVID-19 virus. Take time to look at the beautiful fall colors, or the colors of an evening sunset. Be thankful.

Keep remembering we are children of a most high God. Live in joy, replace worry with trust in God, have a gratitude attitude and focus your thoughts on those things that are pure, noble and excellent. Let the God of peace be with you and rejoice in the Lord, and again I say: rejoice.

Elden Eklund is the pastor at Peace United Methodist Church in Morristown.

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