My fourth grade son, Ben, told me his teacher pretends to vomit anytime the kids start bickering with each other in his class. Isn’t that hysterical?

According to the 2019 Minnesota Student Survey, 19% of students who said they were bullied also reported being bullied or harassed weekly in the last 30 days. Students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and LGBTQ+ students reported the highest rates of bullying.

It’s the holiday season, and two of the most popular gifts this year are wearable devices that help people track their exercise and sleep—along with home DNA testing kits that help people discover more about their ancestry or genetic health risks.


After months of turmoil at the state Department of Human Services (DHS), Minnesotans now have some answers about what’s gone wrong. The next challenge is to move from decrying the problems to enacting both short- and long-term solutions to enable this agency to efficiently deliver the vital …

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