As the state moves toward its goal to be carbon-free by 2040, Xcel Energy Transmission Communications and Public Affairs Manager Randy Fordice said he and colleagues have their work cut out for them.

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The full length of the proposed power line upgrade would run from Mankato to the Minnesota-Wisconsin border, near Kellogg. The proposed power line isn’t going in all the spots shown, rather the spots shown are preliminary options that are subject to change. (Graphic courtesy of Xcel Energy)

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Xcel Energy Public Engagement Specialist Josh Solis and open house attendee Renee Erlandson, a Realtor from Rochester, identify the best spots for the power lines. (Colton Kemp/

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West of Faribault, the proposed power line would either go above or below Morristown. Either way, much of the proposed lines follow along existing power-line routes. (Graphic courtesy of Xcel Energy)

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The choices presented by Xcel Energy for its new power line would go north or south of Kenyon. The northern option largely follows an existing line, while the southern one would be mostly land that doesn’t currently have a line. (Graphic courtesy of Xcel Energy)

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Rice County Commissioner Jim Purfeerst (center-left) and Rice County Public Health Director Deb Purfeerst, far right, discuss the proposed project with Xcel Energy project management team members Tim Solberg (left) and Justin Lundstrom.

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A larger crowd came out for the Wednesday afternoon open house at the Rice County Fairgrounds to gather public input regarding a proposed power-line upgrade by Xcel Energy. (Colton Kemp/

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