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Bundled-up students at Nerstrand Elementary sit around a fire, in a tipi, and listen to a lesson about the Dakota people taught by Larry Richie. Buckskin clothing hangs from the “laundry line.” (Colton Kemp photos/

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Carissa Erickson, a teacher at Nerstrand Elementary School, scoops some wild rice into a wooden bowl to cook using a spoon-shaped rock.

Outside, in a few inches of snow, Nerstrand Elementary School fourth graders erected a tipi with the help of a local historian.

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Once the door was shut and the draft was eliminated, the smoke from the fire floats up and out the top of the tipi. (Colton Kemp/

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Maxwell Winsor, 10, enjoys a bit of wild rice. (Colton Kemp/

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Odin Skluzacek, 9, enjoys a bite of chicken, as a reward for his help tending to the fire.

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Larry Richie pours water into a turtle shell, which he said was common tableware among the Dakota people.

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