Let’s face it, ladies. There are few things more fun that laughing it up with the girls, glass of wine in hand.

The Paradise Center for the Arts has given women across southern Minnesota a reason to get out of the house and hang out with their girlfriends through its popular Wine, Women and Comedy event.

An annual affair with wine tasting and stand-up comedians, Wine, Women and Comedy returns for 2013 with comic artists Mary Rowles and Jason Schommer.

Keeping the large number of ladies who will be in their audience in mind, Rowles and Schommer said their acts have a lot to offer to the more feminine crowd.

“For me, you know, moms understand what moms go through: what it’s like to have kids, our bodies, our mindset,” Rowles said. “It’s fun to bond over that through comedy.”

“I’ve noticed that my style of comedy, which is more storytelling-based rather than a set-up with a punchline or some sort of ‘get-’er-done’ attitude is more appealing to the women in my audiences,” Schommer said.

Both Minnesota-based performers, Schommer and Rowles love performing for local audiences.

“Minnesotans laugh harder,” Schommer said. “If there’s a little nuance in my story, the Minnesotans get it.”

Rowles attributes the Minnesotan ability to catch onto how intelligent Minnesotans are as a whole.

“I have traveled all over, and the Midwest is the hardest audience to crack. They like what they like and they’re smart enough to know a good joke,” Rowles said. “It’s very rewarding to make Minnesotans laugh. Minnesotans have all these inside jokes. It’s fun to see them respond.”

And the audiences’ response is what Rowles and Schommer both said they live for.

“I love having that positive effect on people,” Rowles said. “Life is hard. So if you can forget about it for an hour, then I’ve done my job.”

“That connection with the audience is so important,” Schommer said. “I’ll make these jokes and tell these stories and some of the details might be a bit different, but we’re all going through the same thing.”

Wine, Women and Comedy begins at the Paradise at 8 p.m. on Nov. 9. For ticketing information, call the Paradise at 507-332-7372 for more details.

Reach reporter Cristeta Boarini at 333-3135. Follow her on Twitter.com @CristetaBoarini

Reach reporter Cristeta Boarini at 333-3135. Follow her on Twitter.com @CristetaBoarini

Born and raised in suburban Chicago, Cristeta graduated from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with a degree in journalism and cinema studies in 2011. She began working with the Faribault Daily News in September 2012.

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