Stephen Pribyl, Chief Executive Officer for District One Hospital, deferred a bonus of $8,600 at last week’s hospital Board of Directors meeting.

Pribyl’s decision comes amid a tumultuous financial time for District One. Facing a $2 million revenue loss for 2012 and mounting healthcare costs, Pribyl said he thought now was not the time for his bonus.

“Yes, I deferred [the bonus] given the hospital’s recent financial performance,” Pribyl said in an email.

Late last year, Pribyl also deferred a 2 percent raise. The salary adjustment would have taken effect in 2013.

Both the bonus and the raise were offered to Pribyl by the board based off of an evaluation process of mutually agreed-upon “goals and checkpoints that Mr. Pribyl was held accountable for,” according to hospital board member and treasurer Jerry Robicheau.

“The board’s decision [to offer the incentives] was based on very objective evaluations,” Robicheau said. “It’s very commendable and the decision was voluntary. The board did not ask Mr. Pribyl to make that decision to defer.”

Even though the board was prepared to offer Pribyl the incentives, board members indicated they were pleased with his decision.

“I’d probably have done the same thing,” said board member Robert Hammer. “We have other people that aren’t receiving raises. I’m very pleased that he did it.”

“His decision really speaks to his commitment to the hospital,” board chair Brenda Peterson said of Pribyl. “I think it’s good for the board to acknowledge him for his work, because he did earn that raise.”

Pribyl deferred both his raise and his bonus for several months until the hospital would be in a better place to afford the incentives. The board will re-evaluate the bonus and raise offers later this year.

Reach reporter Cristeta Boarini at 333-3135. Follow her on @FDNCristeta

Reach reporter Cristeta Boarini at 333-3135. Follow her on @FDNCristeta

Born and raised in suburban Chicago, Cristeta graduated from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with a degree in journalism and cinema studies in 2011. She began working with the Faribault Daily News in September 2012.

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