Former Medford Mayor Dan Kaiser officially announced his intent to run for state representative in District 24B, held by incumbent Patti Fritz (DFL — Faribault), according to a release issued Tuesday afternoon.

Kaiser received the Republican endorsement in April, and was the endorsed candidate in 2010 where he was defeated by Fritz by 152 votes, according to the release.

“We have great momentum from the last campaign,” Kaiser said. “We’re coming back stronger, smarter and are working even harder to get the job done,” he said in the release.

“The citizens of our District deserve more than a legislator who just sits on the sidelines. They deserve a leader who will roll up their sleeves and get the work done,” he said.

Peggy Ployhar, a former Quality Assurance Analyst in the medical device industry and recent Special Needs Coordinator for the Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators, officially added her name to the Faribault School Board race Tuesday afternoon.

“In order for our schools to keep up with those changes and still provide quality education to our increasingly diverse student population, adjustments need to be made,” she said in a release.

“Putting more revenue into a school structure which no longer works for the majority of our children in District 656 is something we can no longer afford, fiscally or socially,” she said.

Candidate filing for federal, state and local offices began on Tuesday. Here are the area people who have filed papers so far indicating their intent to run. The Daily News will continue to update these until the filing deadline of June 5.

1st Congressional District

Mike Parry, GOP

State Senate District 24

Vicki Jensen, DFL

Vern Swedin, GOP

State Representative District 24B

Dan Kaiser, GOP



City Council (Elect 4, nonpartisan)

Adam Gibbons

Sonny Wasilowski

F. John Rowan

School Board (Elect 3, nonpartisan)

Jason Engbrecht

Peggy Ployhar

Deborah Salonek

Rice County Board of Commissioners (nonpartisan)

District 1

Jake G. Gillen

Kathleen Doran-Norton

District 2

Galen Malecha

Jeff Quinnell

District 3

Carol J. King

District 4

Steve Bauer

District 5

Jeff Docken

Richard Cook

Soil and Water Supervisor (nonpartisan)

Soil and Water Supervisor District 1

Robert L. Duban

Soil and Water Supervisor District 2

Richard Huston

Soil and Water Supervisor District 4

Joseph Lindberg covers the city and county for the Daily News. He may be reached at 333-3135 or at @JosephLindberg

Joseph Lindberg covers the city and county for the Daily News. He may be reached at 333-3135 or at @JosephLindberg

Local government politics and policy is fascinating to me, making my job as a local government reporter, how do we say, fortuitous.

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