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Dee Teller stands with a print of her painting, “Horse Energy,” which won Best of Show at this year’s Sumi-e Society of America competition. The achievement was a “life goal” of Teller’s. (Colton Kemp/


Sumi-e brushes are made of bamboo and animal hair. Just outside Teller’s studio, many sit on a shelf for display. (Colton Kemp/

Delene “Dee” Teller was too excited to sleep when she heard one of her paintings was awarded Best of Show in the 2022 Sumi-e Society of America competition. After 33 years in the Asian-brush-painting group, the achievement was one of the Faribault resident’s “life goals.”

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In the early ‘90s, Teller met LokTok, a famous Chinese artist who was taught by the even-more-famous Xu Beihong. Together, Teller and LokTok pose in front of his original artworks. (Colton Kemp/

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Sumi brushes can be as small as a few bristles or as large as the one seen here. (Colton Kemp/

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