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Shieldsville Supervisor Jim Melchert excitedly switches his hat out with his new one from the Minnesota Association of Townships. (Colton Kemp/

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The annual Shieldsville Township meeting on Tuesday afternoon was sparsely attended. (Colton Kemp photos/

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Todd Schilling became the impromptu moderator of the Shieldsville Township annual meeting on Tuesday afternoon. Next to him sits Pam Schilling.

As the Shieldsville Township annual meeting began, Supervisor Joe Pesta called to the single-digit audience for a volunteer to serve as meeting moderator.

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Shieldsville Township Supervisors (from left) Jim Melchert, Joe Pesta and Dale Kuchinka sit front-and-center at the annual meeting.

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Shieldsville Township Supervisor Jim Melchert (left) is handed a gift by Supervisor Joe Pesta, while Supervisor Dale Kuchinka laughs (right). (Colton Kemp/

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Shieldsville Township Supervisor Jim Melchert received a plaque to honor his 18 years of service to the community.

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One of a few dozen votes for the Shieldsville Supervisor and Treasurer slide into the ballot box at Shieldsville Town Hall on Tuesday afternoon.

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Shieldsville Township elections and the annual meeting was held on Tuesday afternoon at Shieldsville Town Hall.

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