The daughter of a Faribault woman who died of sepsis told a judge Tuesday she regretted not making her mother get medical care.

Pamela Rae Borg, 51, of Faribault, was charged with felonies, including manslaughter in her mother’s death in 2020. She pleaded guilty to gross misdemeanor criminal neglect and was sentenced to probation Tuesday in Rice County District Court.

Borg’s 78-year-old mother died on Aug. 6, 2020, from “complications of sepsis and an extended period of immobility” after a fall that broke two bones in her leg, according to a court complaint.

Borg, who lived with her mother, called 911 and her mother was taken to a hospital on July 26.

First responders were greeted with “a very strong odor of decaying flesh” and observed a home in disarray, including trash on the floor, an inoperable toilet filled with human waste, and moldy dentures.

Borg’s mother was on the floor in her own waste. Her left leg was black and purple from her thigh to her toes. She had open sores on multiple areas of her body and insects were in the wounds and on her skin, the charges said.

Borg said her mother had fallen about a week prior and could not get up but refused to go to a hospital. Borg said she had been trying to care for her mother herself and called 911 after her mother became disoriented.

“I’m very sorry about my mother. I wish I could take it back,” Borg said at her virtual sentencing hearing Tuesday.

A plea deal was reached last summer. Sentencing was delayed after Borg was hospitalized with COVID-19, according to court records.

Judge Christine Long agreed to the terms of the plea agreement. Borg was convicted of gross misdemeanor criminal neglect. The charge will be reduced to a misdemeanor and all jail time will be waived if Borg successfully completes two years of probation.

Rice County Attorney John Fossum said the plea agreement was made with the consent of the victim’s son.

“There is no indication that it was intentional. But it certainly was neglectful,” Fossum said.

Son John Ray told the judge his mother shares some of the blame for refusing to get treatment and falsely telling him she had gone to the doctor.

“I don’t think my sister deserves jail time,” he said. “She does understand now the severity of what happened.”

Public defender James Cole said Borg’s mother was strong-willed and Borg always followed her wishes.

“Many tears and many regrets later, Miss Borg has realized that in this situation she needed to step up and handle it differently,” Cole said. “If my client could go back and undo those series of decisions, she would in a heartbeat.”

Borg is going to therapy, Cole noted.

“Out of all this horribleness something good has happened,” Cole said, “and that’s her being able to talk with a therapist and work through not only her grief and guilt that she feels over her mom but also how she manages her daily life.”

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