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Fit for Life coaches Sheila Rolling, left, and Heather Teigen recently wrote a nutrition journal called “Simple Strategies,” following the principles of a nutrition course they lead. The two host a book signing July 8. (Photo courtesy of Heather Teigen)

When it comes to nutrition journals, Fit for Life coaches Sheila Rolling and Heather Teigen have found that it only takes about one week before users lose interest.

That’s just one reason why they put their heads together to write “Simple Strategies,” a nutrition journal for beginners.

“We wanted to create something people could use continually because it’s so simple,” said Teigen. “That was one of our main goals.”

On Monday, Teigen and Rolling sell their book and sign copies from 5 to 7 p.m. at Fit for Life. At 5:30 p.m., the co-authors will deliver a short presentation on their journey to publication.

In January, Teigen and Rolling began writing the nutrition journal to compliment their Simple Strategies for Nutrition Beginners class. While concepts in the book are modeled after their Fit for Life videos and class instructions, Teigen said they also designed it for individual use outside the class.

“We thought it was appropriate, since we’re talking nutrition, to give people something tangible,” said Rolling. “People tend to have better results when they write things down.”

What sets “Simple Strategies” apart from other nutrition journals, said Teigen, is that it’s not about counting calories. Instead, she and Rolling abide by an “everything in moderation” philosophy and use a hand measurement system to stay mindful about portion sizes. The journal also includes pages that educate readers on proteins, carbs and other nutrients.

“We’re not just giving healthy habits but learning about the mindset and how that plays a part in old habits trying to come back,” said Teigen. “Why does someone stay in that cycle? It’s more than just telling people to drink water and get exercise. We try to include mindset coaching and daily affirmations.”

Following a 12-week timeline, the journal offers a different strategy for readers to practice each week. Teigen said repetition is key, so journal users write and rewrite the same positive affirmation each day for one week before adding a new strategy to their routine. The journal also provides space to record health goals, water intake and exercise notes.

Teigen is a certified level 1 precision and nutrition coach and Rolling is a certified health and wellness coach, but while the content of the book was familiar to them, the publication process introduced them to a new learning curve.

Rolling used her graphic design and scrapbooking skills to organize the layout and design the format of the book. She also found inspirational quotes to include on each page. From there, she and Teigen needed to select the binding, paper and book cover design. Even after submitting the final copy, they needed to adjust the margins.

Teigen and Rolling self-published their journal through Xpress Publishing, which sent them one hard copy of their product before placing a full shipment order. This allowed them to make any last-minute changes before selling their book.

“It was so exciting to see,” said Teigen.

Added Rolling: “It was a fun project, very fun to do, and I look forward to sharing it with everyone.”

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