A Sunday morning house fire in northwest Faribault that damaged the home’s exterior was accidentally set.

Faribault firefighters were called to a home at 907 Second Ave. NW at 7:41 a.m. Sunday on a report that smoke was coming from the front porch. Crews were able to quickly verify that the residents had been notified of the fire by a passerby and had evacuated the home, according to Fire Chief Dustin Dienst.

Firefighters quickly knocked down the fire and started tearing into the siding and porch ceiling to expose and extinguish hotspots. No direct fire damage was sustained inside the home but the porch and siding on the front of the home suffered extensive damage. Light smoke and water did get into the interior of the home causing damage. Crews cleared the scene at 8:36 am.

The Faribault Fire Department performed an investigation on the fire and ruled it accidental. The fire started on the porch and extended up the vinyl siding to the ceiling covering the porch.

“The occupants of the home thought they smelled burning paper, heard someone honking and then had someone run into the home to tell them their house was on fire,” said Dienst. “We would to thank those good Samaritans for alerting the family to get out. Their quick thinking and willingness to take action helped ensure that we didn’t have any injuries at this fire”.

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