<&firstgraph>Goodhue County Health and Human Services has received confirmation from the Minnesota Department of Health of a death due to COVID-19, in a Goodhue County resident. The individual was a resident in their 80s.

<&firstgraph>“Our deepest sympathies go out to the family and friends of this patient during this time of loss,” said Commissioner Paul Drotos. “This loss is deeply felt by our entire community. As COVID-19 continues to spread in Goodhue County and Minnesota, each of us must continue to do our part to prevent the spread of this virus, especially to our most vulnerable Minnesotans.”

<&firstgraph>“Although this is not unexpected, it is very sad news for our County. Our hearts go out to all the loved ones and care givers affected by this tragic death, and to all those suffering from this virus,” said Nina Arneson, Director of Goodhue County Health and Human Services. “We are committed to slowing the spread of COVID-19 and together we will get through this historic health challenge.”

<&firstgraph>As of Thursday, May 21, Goodhue County has 40 lab confirmed positive COVID-19 cases, ranging in age from under 10 to 99 years. While the virus does not discriminate, individuals over the age of 65 are at higher risk of severe illness and negative consequences.

<&firstgraph>This development serves as a sad reminder: It is critical that individuals and organizations take action to slow the spread of the virus. This means to continue safe practices such as washing your hands often, get tested if experiencing symptoms, maintain social distance, wear a mask and stay home when able.

<&firstgraph>Goodhue County Health and Human continues to work closely with the Minnesota Department of Health, and our public and private partners to understand the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and find solutions to address them.

<&firstgraph>For local, statewide and global information and resources regarding COVID-19 please go to these services:

<&firstgraph>• Goodhue County COVID-19 Webpage- co.goodhue.mn.us/COVID-19<&firstgraph>

<&firstgraph>• Goodhue County HHS Facebook Page- facebook.com/gchhs<&firstgraph>

<&firstgraph>• Goodhue County COVID-19 Hotline- 651-385-2000

<&firstgraph>• Goodhue County Health and Human Services- 651-385-3200

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