APG So. Minn. coronavirus logo

APG So. Minn. coronavirus logo

<&firstgraph>This coronavirus is scary stuff. Nothing’s the same as it was: Schools have closed, restaurants have been shuttered, the governor’s called a peacetime emergency.

<&firstgraph>But as always, we’re here for you, bringing you the latest information on COVID-19 and how it’s impacting the communities of southern Minnesota.

<&firstgraph>All of our stories on the virus and its effects on our lives are open and accessible, even to non-subscribers. COVID-19 and its possible spread is a public health emergency unlike most of us have ever seen, and we want to ensure everyone in our community has the most accurate and updated information available so we can “flatten that curve.”

<&firstgraph>All our stories on the novel coronavirus can be found at southernminn.com/covid-19.

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