The trail of a Blooming Prairie charged with the Feb. 28 shooting death of another man in North Las Vegas has been set for May 17, 2021.

Mark Allen Doocy, 61, who has been in a Clark County, Nevada jail on $1 million bail since March 19, is accused of shooting Dennis Hopkins, 40, at the Love’s Travel Stop.

Witnesses, who include Hopkins’ wife, Ashley, told police that Hopkins was parked at the travel stop helping his Ashley Hopkins jump start her car when Doocy pulled up along side Dennis Hopkins’ vehicle. Doocy reportedly exited his vehicle and the two men got into what police described as a “verbal altercation.” At some point, Doocy reportedly said he was going back to his vehicle to retrieve a firearm.

After Doocy got the gun, he reportedly chased Dennis Hopkins around to the passenger side of Hopkins’ vehicle, at which point Hopkins got into his vehicle, according to a North Las Vegas police report. Doocy then reportedly began shooting into the vehicle through the windshield, striking Dennis Hopkins in the right side of the chest. Hopkins managed to get out of the vehicle through the driver’s side door and began to run as Doocy continued to shoot at him, the report continues. At that point, Dennis Hopkins collapsed in the desert.

Doocy reportedly got back in his vehicle, drove first to the area where Hopkins lay in the desert, then fled the scene.

Doocy was discovered by Rice County deputies March 4 at the Flying J Travel Stop on Hwy. 19/I-35 west of Northfield in a vehicle matching the description of the one witnesses say he was driving the day Hopkins was killed.

Authorities spent hours trying to coax Doocy from the vehicle, but received no response. Members of the area’s tactical team used a chemical aerosol and other non-lethal tactics, but Doocy continued to be non-compliant. After four and a half hours, officers entered the SUV and extracted Doocy. He was arrested and hospitalized for treatment.

He was later taken to the Rice County Jail and extradited to Nevada.

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