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A Rice County Corrections Officer has been charged with assaulting a female inmate following a verbal confrontation with the woman who had been arrested Sept. 6 for drunken driving. (Daily News file photo)

A Rice County corrections officer was charged last week with assault and seriously injuring an inmate, and exceeding his authority following a confrontation with a woman jailed for drunken driving.

Olmsted County investigators say jail videos taken the evening of Sept. 6 show the inmate inside her cell, while a corrections office, Deputy Stacy Sartor, was at the cell doorway with James David Ingham, 31, of Dundas, standing behind her. Video shows the inmate, who was not named in the complaint, and Sartor engaged in an “animated discussion.”

According to a criminal complaint filed by the Mower County Attorney, events transpired as follows:

Sartor told the inmate, who was argumentative, verbally aggressive and pounding on the door, to stop her disruptive behavior or be placed in restraints. Sartor “gently push(ed)” the inmate backward in attempt to create distance between them, but as Sartor backed away from the defendant, Ingham stepped around Sartor and into the cell. The inmate, with her hands behind her back, backed away from Ingham, then leaned in.

Ingham stepped forward toward the inmate and delivered a SPEAR (Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response) strike to the woman’s chest/shoulder area.

“The force threw her to the wall and she fell on the floor,” according investigators who viewed the jail video.

The woman, allegedly required four staples to close up her head wound.

Sartor told investigators that she didn’t see the assault, but did witness the inmate “flying backward through the air,” and that Ingham told her the inmate “lunged” at him.

Ingham, in his report, maintained that the inmate lunged at him and that he used the self-defense method to put distance between himself and the inmate, but that she slipped and hit her head on the jailhouse wall.

Ingham, who’s been with the Rice County Sheriff’s Office since October 2014, was placed on administrative leave following the incident while an internal affairs investigation is completed, according to a written statement from Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn. Due to potential conflicts of interest, Olmsted County handled the criminal investigation while the Mower County Attorney’s Office filed charges.

According to the complaint, Ingham is the SPEAR instructor for the jail and has received several use of force complaints. Rice County, in a public records request said it had no public data available regarding complaints against Ingham. The existence and status of any complaints or charges is public information, according to Minnesota statutes.

The inmate, interviewed Sept. 18, said she had a limited recollection of the alleged assault, and that she was still suffering from headaches and pain in her head and when she opened her mouth.

Ingham initially agreed to an interview, but his attorney later cancelled it.

He was charged with felony third-degree assault, two gross misdemeanor counts of misconduct of a public official and fifth-degree assault, a misdemeanor. He’s set to appear in court Nov. 22.

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