Rice County’s Board of Commissioners continues to be happy with its administrator, Sara Folsted, giving her a solid performance review and a nearly $5,800 annual pay increase.

“Overall, the majority of the board and majority of the employees are very satisfied with Sara’s performance,” said Board Chair Galen Malecha.

The board reviewed Folsted’s performance Tuesday during a closed session, as permitted by state law. Once back in open session, the board unanimously approved a pay increase for Folsted, bringing her annual salary to $145,912. The increase, which is more than 4 percent, include a cost of living increase all Rice County employees have received.

Her performance was evaluated in the areas of organization management, fiscal/business management; program development; relationship with board; long-range planning; relationship with public/public relations; interagency relations and professional/personal development.

The board found Folsted’s performance exceeds or meets the its expectations in each of the competencies evaluated, according to a statement provided by Rice County Human Resources Manager Carol Kritzer.

Commissioner Dave Miller lauded Folsted for her communication and work on the county budget.

Commissioners, who Kritzer did not name, comments that Folsted’s strengths include follow through, keeping the board informed and that she’s enjoyable to work with. Kritzer’s synopsis mentioned that employees with other governmental jurisdictions that the county “have commented that Sara is doing a good job.”

The board set goals for the administrator, now entering her fourth year with the county. Among them: finish the long-awaited Comprehensive Plan. The document, which guides development for a 10-year period, has been under construction for several years.

Folsted was similarly asked to continue her focus on long-range planning, which includes budgeting.

“Sometimes government entities don’t see past the two-year budget cycle,” Malecha said. “I think we have worked on our long-term planning and budget and we want to continue that.”

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Reach Regional Managing Editor Suzanne Rook at 507-333-3134. Follow her on Twitter @rooksuzy

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