Animal Science Interviews at the State Fair are designed to further enhance educational opportunities for young people exhibiting livestock.

The interview process offers a visual philosophy of recognizing 4-Hers who have utilized their livestock project to grow and develop as young people. Livestock Interviews emphasize many life skills such as communication, responsibility, decision making, and problem-solving. The interview process is seen as a step to help insure the stability of youth livestock shows as a positive form of youth development. Interview Finalists received a certificate.

Champions – Jack Saemrow – Dairy, Chester Donkers – Swine

Finalist –Taylor Landrum – Beef, Jacy Saemrow – Dairy, Olivia Schmidt and Cal Schultz – Meat Goat, Ella Horejsi, Luke Meger and Rebecca Meger – Rabbit.

MLB Purple Ribbon Auction – Participating in the Auction were: Meat Goat – Max Johnson and Cal Schultz.

Minnesota Livestock Breeders Association Scholarship — Scholarships are awarded to youth with leadership, community service and livestock involvement throughout their 4-H career – receiving $2,000 — Cal Schultz and Mikayla Wetzel.

Poultry BBQ Contest– Participating in the contest and place third in the Junior Division – Mason Mechura.

Livestock demonstrations– Isabella Schmidt — Red, Meg Wiebe — Red and Alex Kindseth — Blue They will also receive an additional $30 award.

Judging Contests

• General Livestock

Senior Team: 3rd Overall, 3rd Sheep. Members: Nick Flom-3rd Sheep; Hannah Wetzel-3rd Overall Individual, 1st Swine; Taylor Landrum and Sadie Sullivan (Dodge County). Alternate – Mason Pagel. Coached by Matt Purfeerst. The team will compete at the national contest.

Intermediate Team: 9th Overall. Members: Karly Flom, Daelyn Judd, Ella Pagel and Keith Harner. Coached by Riley Donkers.

• Dairy

Senior Goodhue/Rice/Washington Team: 2nd Overall, 5th Reasons. Rice County team member were Jack Saemrow. Coached by Maizie Scheffler.

Intermediate Goodhue/Rice #1: 1st Overall, 2nd Reasons. Rice County team member Jacy Saemrow.

Intermediate Goodhue/Rice #2: Rice County team member was Jobb Saemrow.

Share-the-fun – Clubs prepare and perform a play, dance, musical, or other act which performed during Livestock Encampment.

Wheatland Wheaties members participating: Felix Barten, Mabel Barten, Jaylie Braun, Makynlie Braun, Jeffrey Erickson, Ella Horejsi, Charolette Thompson, Nora Thompson, Emma Tietz, Leah Tietz, Clara Winget, Evelyn Winget and Marisa Winget.

General Encampment- 4-H’ers from 87 counties brought over 2,600 exhibits, delivered over 175 demonstrations and participated in any of several experiences and performances at the State Fair. General encampment for Rice County was Aug. 25–27. Throughout the year 4-H youth select project areas that reflect personal areas of interest and pursue hands on learning that is both self-directed and guided by adult volunteers. The results of their learning is exhibited at county fairs across the state and then the best from each county fair is brought to the Minnesota State Fair. Exhibiting project work at the state fair provides youth an opportunity to both showcase their achievements as well as continue the learning through the interactive and group-based conference judging.

Chef for the Day – Members teamed up to prepare a Minnesota-grown healthy plate: 1st Place: Grace Hoover, Kylie Hoover, Marisa Winget and Kortney Prior.

Livestock and General Encampment judging results by club:

Big Giants – Almen, Ashley — Chickens White Egg Layers-BL; Berndt, Connor — Home Environment-BL; Flom, Jenny — Rabbit Netherland Dwarf Sr Buck-BL & Quilting-BL; Harner, Keith — Vegetable Gardening-BL and Swine Mkt Gilt-RD; Hohrman, Olivia — Chickens Brown Egg Layers-RD-; Johnson, Maxwell — Meat Market Goat-PR, CH Mwght Meat Mkt Doe & RC Overall Meat Mkt Doe; Johnson, Samual — Chickens Mkt Roasters-BL; Liebl, Clare — Photo Manipulation-BL; Liebl, Joseph — Food Revue-BL; Mechura, Mason — Dairy Goat Dry Yearling Doe-BL, RC Oberhasli Jr Doe; Schmidt, Isabella — Meat Goat Doe Sr Yearling Meat Brdg-RD; Schmidt, Olivia — Meat Goat Doe Kid Jr Meat Brdg-BL; Wiebe, Meg — Meat Goat Doe Sr Yearling Meat Brdg-BL.

Big Woods – Albers, Kendra — Sheep Wether Dam Ewe Lamb-PR; Aldorfer, Ross — Vegetable Gardening-BL: Donkers, Chester — Swine Bdng Gilts -4-BL; Donkers, Jason — Swine Mkt Barrow-BL; Flom, Karly — Sheep Mkt Lamb-BL; Flom, Nicholas — Sheep Mkt Lamb-BL; Kindseth, Alex — Rabbit Mini Rex Sr Doe-PR; Schultz, Cal — Meat Mkt Goat-PR, CH Adv Mkt Goat Showmanship, CH Lwght Meat Mkt Goat; Wetzel, Hannah — Beef Shorthorn Reg Jr Yrlg-3rd; Wetzel, Mikayla — Beef Shorthorn Plus Reg Jr Yrlg-1st, PR, & CH Shorthorn Plus Heifer.

Full-O-Pep – Hohrman, Abigail — Rabbit Mini Rex Jr Doe-BL; Hohrman, Gretchen — Chickens White Egg Layers-RD & Food Revue-BL; Hoover, Grace — Beef Steer Slick-Shorn-3rd & Shop -BL; Hoover, Kylie — Rabbit Other Large Pbrds Sr Buck-PR, 9th Place Sr Showmanship & Performing Arts-RD; LaCroix, Beau — Dairy Goat Recorded Grd Sr Doe Kid-BL; Little, Ava — Rabbit Mini Rex Jr Buck-RD; Rhoades, David — Computer-BL; Tanghe, Jake — Chickens Bantam Brdg Pen-BL & Exploring the Environment-RD; Walters, Cole — Pigeons Flying Brdg Pair-RD; Walters, Sydney — Veterinary Science-BL; Vaudrin, Payton — Youth Leadership-RD.

Happy Hounds – Lawrence, Izabella — Meat Goat Sr Meat Breeding Doe Kid-BL; Lawrence, Kaitlyn — Dairy Goat Unrecorded Gd Sr Doe Kid-BL; Prior, Kortney — Dairy Goat Unrecorded Grade Dry Yrlg Doe-BL-RC Unrecorded Gd Jr Doe; Prior, Kortney — Dog-BL.

Warsaw Willing Workers – Banner-BL; Crooms, Katelyn — Beef Prospect Calf Steer-7th; DeGrood, Karlie — Dairy RD/WH Fall Calf-BL; Dienst, Sydney — Dairy Holstein Reg Fall Calf-BL; Gehrke, Jessica — Rabbit Flemish Giant Sr Buck-WH & Shop-PR; Gehrke, JoHannah — Rabbit Netherland Dwarf Sr Buck-BL & Shop-RD; Gehrke, Jonathan — Rabbit Polish Sr Buck-RD & Lawn & Landscape-PR; Hanson, Lindsay — Rabbit Mini Satin Sr Buck-RD; Hoover, Amber — Beef Prospect Calf Steer-4th; Johnson, Brooke — Dairy Jersey Fall Calf-BL; Judd, Kaedyn — Beef Commercial Spring Calf-1st; Kuball, Kelsey — Dairy Holstein Gd 4-Yr Old Cow-RD; Landrum, Taylor — Beef Steer Crossbrd-7th; Maglothin, Morgan — Chickens Bantam Brdg Pen-BL; Saemrow, Jack — Dairy Holstein Gd 2-Yr Old-BL; Saemrow, Jacy — Dairy Holstein Gd Winter Yrlg-BL.

Webster Willing Workers – Hahn, Jenna — Crafts-BL; Hongerholt, Sophie — Crafts-BL; Meger, Luke- Rabbit Market Single Fryer-BL & Carcass-BL; Meger, Rebecca — Rabbit Market Single Fryer-BL & Carcass-BL; Sirek, Bradan — Beef Commercial Jr Yrlg-2nd; Sirek, Megan — Beef Cow/Calf Reg-6th & Self Determined-BL.

Wheatland Wheaties– Banner-BL & Community Pride-BL; Horejsi, Ella — Rabbit Holland Lop Jr Buck-RD & Global Connections-BL; Kraft, Hannah- Photography Elements-BL; Stepka, Mackenzie — Beef Steer Slick-Shorn-7th; Thompson, Charlotte — Dairy Holstein Gd Winter Calf-BL & Performing Arts-BL; Winget, Marisa — Sheep Market Lamb-BL, Lamb Lead Inter GN & Winget, Marisa- Veterinary Science-BL.

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