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Use this form to submit articles, stories, poems, quotations, photography, artwork, videos, movie or book reviews, or messages for A Year of Virtues to be used by the Faribault Daily News and The Virtues Project-Faribault in their print, online and/or on any of their social media channels.Provide your own original material, or if you submit something that is not your original work, credit the author/artist. Submissions may be made in advance for any upcoming virtue on the schedule (see below).All submissions are appreciated, though all may not be used by the Daily News or Virtues Project-Faribault.

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2020 Virtues schedule

January theme: Purposefulness

Purposefulness & Clarity

Certitude & Grace

Awe & Wonder

Faith & Zeal


February theme: Mindfulness

Mindfulness & Beauty

Composure & Contentment

Peacefulness & Simplicity

Serenity & Mindfulness


March theme: Self-discipline

Self-discipline & Consistency

Excellence & Diligence

Orderliness & Moderation

Cleanliness & Purity


April theme: Respect

Respect & Dignity

Friendliness & Openness

Courtesy & Consideration

Tact & Empathy

Cooperation & Unity


May theme: Tolerance

Tolerance & Acceptance

Flexibility & Sacrifice

Patience & Forbearance

Forgiveness & Detachment


June theme: Courage

Courage & Independence

Resilience & Strength

Assertiveness & Commitment

Determination & Endurance


July theme: Love

Love & Appreciation

Gratitude & Thankfulness

Devotion & Loyalty

Cheerfulness & Joyfulness

Enthusiasm & Gentleness


August theme: Compassion

Compassion & Mercy

Caring & Kindness

Helpfulness & Service

Charity & Generosity


September theme: Truthfulness

Truthfulness & Honesty

Fairness & Justice

Honor & Integrity

Sincerity & Righteousness

Nobility & Truthfulness


October theme: Trustworthiness

Trustworthiness & Trust

Accountability & Responsibility

Faithfulness & Fidelity

Reliability & Discretion


November theme: Hope

Hope & Optimism

Idealism & Optimism

Inspiration & Motivation

Encouragement & Hope


December theme: Wisdom

Wisdom & Perceptiveness

Discernment & Foresight

Curiosity & Creativity

Initiative & Innovation

Strategy & Vision

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