Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon on Thursday shared details of a letter, soon to be delivered to every registered voter in Minnesota who has not already requested an absentee ballot, encouraging them to Vote From Home. The mailing, which includes an absentee ballot application, will start arriving in mailboxes across the state this week.

“During a pandemic, we have to view this election as a public health challenge,” said Simon. “In a normal year, the appeal of voting from home is comfort and convenience. But this year, it’s also a public service – because every person who votes from home is making the polling place a little bit safer for voters who need or prefer to vote in person. This mailing is all about making sure Minnesota voters know that voting from home is easy, safe, and secure.”

Minnesotans have already embraced Vote From Home in 2020: over 860,000 voters have requested an absentee ballot to date. However, some 2.3 million registered voters have not yet done so, and this week’s mailing provides all the information they need to choose that option for voting. The mailing is being delivered now, to help Minnesota voters order their ballots as early as possible. Requesting and returning a ballot as soon as the voter can will help elections officials manage this year’s surge in absentee voting.

The mailing strongly encourages voters to apply for their ballot online at mnvotes.org, but the mailing also includes a paper form for possible return by mail.

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