The Rice Soil and Water Conservation District selected Randy and Lori Stangle, of Lonsdale, as the 2019 Forest Stewardship Award winners for Rice County. The Stanglers accepted the award at the Rice County Best of the Best Awards at the Rice County Fair this past July.

The Forest Stewardship Award recognizes Rice County landowners or organizations who sustainably manage existing woodlands, restore native forest habitats, or practice best management practices in agroforestry.

After purchasing their farm from Lori’s father in 1994, the Stanglers began to restore trees and wetlands on the property. Working cooperatively with the Rice SWCD, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, they restored seven wetlands throughout the farm.

The Stanglers also worked cooperatively with the DNR-Forestry to develop a Forest Stewardship Plan and manage their tree restoration. Over the years, the Stanglers have planted over 40,000 trees on approximately thirty-seven acres of land on their property through the Conservation Reserve Program. The tree plantings consist of many hardwood trees including oaks, maples, and walnuts as well as pine trees to provide winter cover for wildlife.

The Stanglers feel blessed to be able to restore the trees and wetlands on their property so their children and grandchildren can enjoy the beauty of the woods and wildlife.

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