The Paradise Center for the Arts and city of Faribault bring a new kind of entertainment to the Central Park Bandshell this summer.

Mixed Precipitation presents “Volume One: The Odyssey” at 6:30 pm. Thursday, Aug. 26, an adaptation of Homer’s "Odyssey" using selections from a 1639 opera and Dolly Parton, told with the spirit of a country carnival on the back of a pickup truck.

The free event is made possible by grants from the Faribault Foundation and sponsor Crossroads Professionals.

The production features the journey of Ulysses and his crew returning from 10 years of war. They encounter monsters, vengeful gods, sirens and a cyclops in a colorful carnival fashion. His wife Penelope contends with intruders in her home while holding out hope for Ulysses’ return. Their son Telemaco faces the future: inheriting a world recovering from war, families coping with long separation, and hopeful reconciliation.

The ensemble includes soprano Momoko Tanno and actor Rodolfo Nieto. The cast also features a trio of performers and instrumentalists on banjo, cello, fiddle and pump organ ,anchored by artists Joni Griffith and Jason Kornelis.

For more information, call The Paradise Center for the Arts at 507-332-7372.

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