The Rice County Republican Party meets for its Minnesota Precinct Caucus Tuesday, Feb. 25.

Sign-in is at 6 p.m. with call to order at 7 p.m.

Locations for each precinct are as follows:

Faribault High School: Cannon City, Faribault (all precincts), and Richland, Walcott, Warsaw and Wells townships.

TCU-Lonsdale: Lonsdale, and Erin, Forest, Webster (P1-2) and Wheatland townships.

Morristown Middle School: Morristown, and Morristown and Shieldsville townships.

Northfield High School: Northfield (all precincts), Dennison, Dundas, Nerstrand, and Bridgewater, Northfield and Wheeling townships.

The main order of business consists of

1) election of delegates and alternates (by precinct) for 2020 Congressional district and state conventions.

2) reading of various letters from aspiring politicians

3) presentation of resolutions and action agenda items, with voting.

4) other business as appropriate

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