Northfield Hospital + Clinics will begin scheduling limited visits to residents of the Long Term Care Center, with strict COVID precautions.

Scheduling of indoor visits begins on Oct. 19. Limited, scheduled visits will be allowed. Drop-in visits are not allowed. The Long Term Care Center has had no cases of COVID among residents or staff.

Visits will be discontinued if: a case of COVID emerges in the LTCC; the LTCC begins outbreak testing based on state and federal guidelines; or the COVID positivity rate in Dakota County goes over 10%.

Strict requirements govern visitor policies for skilled nursing facilities to prevent the spread of COVID. LTCC visitor restrictions have been in place since March 13, 2020. Residents have had options for window visits and patio visits (with masks and distance). These options will continue as weather allows.

Visitor restrictions may be dialed up or down as the COVID situation changes in the facility, local community, or county.

Indoor visits will be scheduled for one hour, with one visit per week. Residents may have up to two visitors at one time. Residents may designate up to six people who can visit them. Visits will be spaced out, with two residents allowed visitors at the same time, to minimize the number of people in the LTCC at one time.

Scheduled visitors must give proof of a negative COVID test, and will be screened when entering the building.

In the LTCC, visitors must:

• Wear a surgical mask over nose and mouth at all times

• Keep distance of 6 feet or more

• Refrain from touching, hugging, kissing

• Clean their hands

• Stay in the resident’s room

Designated visitors are asked to follow mask and social distance precautions in their daily habits to prevent bringing COVID into the LTCC.

NH+C’s top priority is the safety and health of its LTCC residents and staff.

“We also encourage families to stay connected to their loved one via phone, video chat, window visits, and patio visits when possible,” said Tammy Hayes, RN, MS, CENP, LNHA. Hayes is VP- Chief Nurse Executive and Hospital/LTCC Administrator at NH+C.

Requirements are designed to protect residents and staff, while safely allowing visits with loved ones. Indoor visits may need to be discontinued if conditions change.

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